What we do


Enplus Italia is a highly referenced and totally Italian company with a staff that has been working in the energy sector for over 25 years and that:

  • operates with a certified quality system and follows the code of ethics filed with the company
  • is the manufacturer of cogeneration units made under the E-CONCEPT® brand with CE marking and exportable worldwide
  • performs energy efficiency audits and analyses
  • designs freely, without brand and size constraints, what is to be closely integrated into the customer’s production process
  • carries out aftersales assistance with customized maintenance contracts through its internal division expressly dedicated to the purpose: EN+ ITALIA SERVICE
What we do

We offer the supply of complete cogeneration units to companies that propose general plant engineering on energy utilities, as well as a turnkey service, addressed to final customers, for the installation and integration of cogeneration/trigeneration units into their production systems.

Our know-how, generated in many years of experience, interacts with a network of skills aimed at obtaining the highest quality product.

EnPlus Italia’s approach to energy efficiency issues is different and involves covering the entire process, from analysis to design to service.


Over 2 billion kWh of electricity and thermal energy produced with high efficiency; Simultaneous production of heat and electricity for multiple uses: heating, dehumidification/drying, production processes.


Over 250 million kWh of electricity, 150 million kWh of thermal energy and over 100 million kWh of cooling load produced with high efficiency; FOR AIR CONDITIONING – Simultaneous production of heat, electricity and chilled water for multiple uses: heating, cooling, dehumidification/drying, production processes.


Simultaneous production of heat and electricity, cold water and chilled water, for multiple uses: heating, air cooling, dehumidification/drying, production processes, cold chain logistics, process cooling.


Enplus Italia builds biogas-powered cogeneration plants using E-Concept® Green Fuel cogeneration units.

With a wide range of available power units (from 50 to 2,000 kWe) we provide any application in the field, from delocalized water treatment plants to large collection centers, to sewage treatment at livestock farms or industrial plants and even plants for the conversion of biogas into energy at end-of-life landfills (tail biogas).


The know-how gathered over the years allows us to design and develop integrated solutions for upgrading the energy efficiency of industrial production processes.

Tiber, a historic Italian company, in recent years has begun a process of modernization that allows it, today, to self-produce 60% of the electricity it requires.


Our consolidated experience in the construction of energy production plants has enriched our range of solutions to include mobile substations for transformation and power distribution. Thanks to the pre-wiring done in the workshop, this solution is possible in a very short time, i.e. 3 working days.

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