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The future opening of Magnolia team’s operational headquarters in Rovereto at the Manifattura Tabacchi location, the close relationship between the Magnolia team and the Trentino Alto Adige region for consultancy projects carried out and ongoing, and finally the direct interest of the team in the social composition of Enplus Italia, make Magnolia the ideal Regional Partner for the Trentino Alto Adige region.

Francesco Landi


In the wonderful territory of Chianti, Tuscany, we find our Regional Partner Elettricalandi: founded in 1969, the company has evolved over time, coming to combine today its know-how at the electrical, electronic and electromechanical level with Enplus Italia’s expertise in the field of cogeneration.

As of 2019, we make ourselves strong with a synergy that lies in the commitment at the regional level for the sale of cogenerators and trigenerators.

The search for collaborations with realities in the area that can take advantage of the energy benefit derived from the operation of our machinery is crucial to expand our market at the Italian level and bring more and more companies under the umbrella of energy efficiency, especially with regard to the industrial, tertiary and in the hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Alessandro Carnasciali


Josh Watkins

Fullstream Services
Pty Ltd

We are proud to be able to make official the commercial agreement reached between Enplus Italia Srl and Fullstream Services Pty Ltd, which was born and takes shape thanks to President Francesco Landi and which creates a strategic commercial axis with Alessandro Carnasciali of Aquapax, a company operating in the sustainable drinking water supply branch in Western Australia.

Both originally from Radda in Chianti – a reality in which our Tuscan Regional Partner Elettricalandi also operates – they outline a possible synergy in selling Enplus Italia branded products in Australian territory.

The agreement sanctions a partnership that allows Enplus Italia to supply cogenerators to Fullstream Services Pty Ltd so as to have a dedicated dealer in Australian territory in order to make cogeneration known and proposed throughout the continent starting from the city of Perth, the company’s headquarters.

The follow up will involve several interchanges between the companies: collaboration regarding training, assembly and on-site testing will be essential to ensure the proper functioning of the technical branch.

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