E•Concept Natural Gas – Cogeneration

The E-CONCEPT® product line is divided into two categories:

  • CATEGORY M, starting from 50 kWe up to 530 kWe
  • CATEGORY L, ranging from 660 kWe up to over 3 MWe per single machine, available in indoor version or
    in package for outdoor use.


We provide a preliminary report on the energy needs of the customer in order to determine the best efficiency both in terms of heat and of electricity.

The goal is to reduce the production costs of all energy utilities while meeting the customer’s needs. By analyzing the production cycles according to the client’s hourly electric and thermal profiles and the costsofprimary energy needed, a preliminary feasibility study is drawn up.

Based on this we present solutions of possible interventions, realizable through simulation of the obtainable benefits and, among the possibilities examined, the project that presents the best saving and payback is illustrated along with its economic and environmental sustainability benefits.

It is clear that the increase in energy saving and the upgrading of energy production and distribution systems are strategies that maintain the same activities but consume less primary energy and make an important contribution to environmental protection.
It is through this concept that the true meaning of energy efficiency is achieved.


It is the system solution that takes advantage of existing spaces and integrates previously built components and structures. The indoor package is specially designed to ensure optimal logistical integration at the installation site.


The “mobile package” is the solution pre-fitted in the plant.

The cogeneration plant is placed in a modular thermo-insulated and self-supporting metal structure for outdoor use. This solution also facilitates transport over long distances, offering simple and rapid installation, scalability and modularity options.

The machines are pre-tested in-house together with the logic control functions.


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