Who are we

Introducing Enplus



Who is Enplus
  • Is an Italian company, born in 2006, specializing in the construction of E•Concept CHP units, CE marked, powered by traditional and renewable sources
  • Is a company with a highly skilled and experienced team
  • Works according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Is registered to the Italian National Builders Register (category SOA OG9 IIIa)
  • Carries out audits and energy analysis
  • Chooses its items with no brand restrictions
  • Carries out post-sales service with customized maintenance contracts

A staff of over 40 people, divided into administrative, sales, technical and maintenance department, works in the headquarters of Erbusco (Brescia). Enplus also collaborate with a network of companies supplying electrical, mechanical and construction servicies.

Our contribution to the environment

Energy produced*:

  • Trigeneration plants: over 181,300,000 kWh of electricity, 63 million kWh of heat and over 72 million kWh of cold
  • CHP plants: more than 1 billion and 721 million kWh of electricity  and 1 billion and 839 million kWh of heat
  • PV installations: more than 26 million kWh of electricity
  • Biogas plants: over 888 million kWh of electricity from agricultural waste material and more than 56 million kWh of electricity from sewage and waste
  • Avoided CO2 emissions: approximately 3,775,200 tons.

* Data referred to December 2015

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